Is this an Admission of Guilt?

Wetland Property Breach?

Is this an admission of guilt? Well here I am, it’s 4:00 a.m. Feb. 27, 2017. I suppose everyone read my story about how I said when I get my proof of an AmeriKohl employee breeching a wetland on our property, well here it is.

We were once told by the Knox DEP when my husband brought this to their attention that this would be my husbands word against the person who damaged to the wetland. Well, here we are and Amerikohl is offering to fix this wetland and we were told they are just trying to be friendly to us as their neighbor. Bull***!   Just covering their lies, and we were also told that we would not see the person again who did breech this wetland.

What?? So the water from breeching this wetland still runs into my neighbors property and I’m supposed to lay low letting this happen?? I also have a house with a propane tank under ground, an  in-ground pool and “what” Copes old cabin, that was here when I bought this property, had a cracked foundation from when this property was mined before and the company, at that time, said they didn’t cause this with their basting?? What did then!

Then Smockes down the street from me lost their well to the blasting years ago to, and they also denied the blasting was the cause too. What was it then??

I would say this is an admission of guilt on their part. If you think not, then what is it then?? That’s right if Amerikohl gets their permit this is where we will be; with them lying and saying their blasting didn’t cause any damage. Even if it does, it will be none faulted on their part!!


Tammy Sanders, Richland Twp., Clarion County