Leave Amerikohl Aggregates Restrip For Limestone

This is to the townspeople which are protesting the proposed limestone strip-mine in Richland Twp., Clarion County.

I lived within 500 yards of an active strip-mine for years. Neither I nor my neighbors protested. Drilling and blasting was quite prevalent. My spring was within 300 yards of the strip-mine and was not disturbed. My house with a cement basement wall and a 14 foot by 8 foot solid brick wall fireplace was also not disturbed. There was a small country church within 100 yards with no damage.

Common sense should tell you that yes, you will have increased truck traffic and also noise which you will get used to. Keep your children in the back yard where they belong instead of letting them out to roam on the road where they should not be.

Wild life may leave but they soon will return. Being this area was previously stripped, it will most likely be reclaimed better than it was before.

You drive home on limestone covered township roads and onto your own limestone covered driveways. It seems to me you want to use the product, but you want it taken from someone else‘s backyard. Everyone wants and needs good jobs in the area. This operation will employ truck drivers, heavy equipment operators, and office personal, etc. We can’t sit on our back porches and look out at a few trees and have the jobs we so badly need. We all have to give a little.

I think that most of the problem is that you are jealous of the fact that someone else is making money off their property and you have no property to strip.

Larry Ritts

Camp Coffman Rd.

Cranberry, PA